Head Coach - Grant Ledbetter
Family-  Wife- Lindee, Levi,  Archie

Playing History-
PC West (2003)

College Football-

Northeastern State (2003-2004)  Southern Nazarene (2005)

College Baseball-

Soouthern Nazarene (2005-2008)

Professional Baseball-

Reno Silver Sox (2008)

Edmonton Capitals (2009)
Coaching History-

NW Classen Head Coach (2009-2010)

Harrah Head Coach (2011-2012)

Bethany Head Coach (2013-2015)

 Teaching Subjects- Algebra 2, Intermediate Algebra

Pro Baseball Team-  Chicago Cubs

Pro Coach-  Greg Popavich

Quote-  "Life is fair because it is unfair for everyone"

Food​ - Chinese Buffet
What coach has influenced you the most?  

Coach John Kielty of Mount Saint Mary's HS.  He always had a positive outlook and puts things into perspective.  He is the most himble man I have ever been around.
Hobbies - Woodworking and Painting

Matt Wallen - Assistant Coach

Family - Not married

Playing History

Bethany (2012)

Coaching History -

Classen SAS (2014-16)

Bethany (2014)

Edmond North


Pro Team -Chicago Cubs
Pro Coach - Augie Garrido
Quote - "You just got lesson number one, don't think!  It can only hurt the ball club."
Food - Mexican
Coach that influenced me the most:

Johnny Webb (OKC Ruf-Neks)
Hobbies -Fishing, Watching sports, hanging with friends, watching Netflix, Cheering on the Cubs

Edmond North Baseball

The Official Home of Husky Baseball- Edmond, Oklahoma USA

Bryce Powers - Assistant Coach

Family Wife Jackie Sons Jack, Luke, & Paul

Playing History-
High School @ P.C. North

Coaching History- 

3 Years at Edmond North with baseball & football

4 Years football at Summit Middle School

Teaching Subjects - English II

Pro Baseball Team
- Atlanta Braves
Pro Coach
- Bobby Cox
- "Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."
- Pizza and Chips and dips
What coach has influenced you the most? 
Non of my coaches really influenced me, but a coach that I look up to is Nick Saban. Dude is a true winner and understands how to get his players ready and prepared to win.
- hanging with my family, watching football, but mainly the Sooners and Patriots, watching Friends, and playing golf. 

Greg Bloyd - Assistant Coach

Family - Wife Jill, Graham,  Jett

Playing History
Santa Fe High School (1998)
Southern Nazarene  (1999)
Redlands Comm. College (2000)

Coaching History-
GA @ Stillwater HS (2001)
Edmond Stars American Legion (2002-2004)
Summit Middle School (2003)
Edmond North Assistant (2004-present)

 Teaching Subjects - World History, US History

Pro Baseball Team - Texas Rangers
Pro Coach - Tony LaRussa
Quote - “If you were thinking, you wouldn’t have thought that!”
Food - Mexican

What coach has influenced you the most?
Don Brown - Redlands Comm. College
Hobbies - Hanging out with family and going to OSU sporting events

Baron Potter - Assistant Coach

​Family - Wife Megan

Playing History:
4 years High School Football and Edmond North
3 years College Football at Harding University

Coaching History
GA Football Coach Cheyenne MS (2003)
GA Football Coach Harding Academy(AR) (2007-08)
Assistant Football & Baseball Edmond North (2009-Present)

Teaching Subjects - Geometry

Pro Baseball Team
- Astros/Rangers
Pro Coach
- Jon Gruden
- "I press on toward the goal to win the prize through which God has called me heavenward through Christ Jesus." Phil 3:14
Food - A Burger at "Nic's Grill"
What Coach has influenced you most:
Brad Smith, Clay Pearcy, and Scott McDonald (a few of my high school football coaches).
- Golf and finding delicious hole in the wall places to eat

Cody Murray - Assistant Coach

​Family - Wife Natalie, Evan, and Jack

Playing History-
Edmond Santa Fe (1998)
Redlands (1999)
Northern Oklahoma College (2000)

Coaching History-
Edmond North Head Freshman Coach (2007-08)
Edmond North Head JV (2009-2014)
Edmond North Varsity Assistant (2015-present)

Teaching Subjects 
- Geometry

Pro Baseball Team
 - Oakland Athletics
Pro Coach
 Joe Madden
Quote - "A man gotta have a code"--  Omar Little 'The Wire'
Food-Pork Chops and Macaroni and cheese
What coach has influenced you the most?
Coach King and Coach Cobble have been very influential
 I enjoy spending time with my family

Brent Hardin - Assistant Coach

Family-  Wife Kym  Daughter Plamer

Playing History

​Putnam City West


Southern Nazarene

Coaching History -


Pro Team - Texas Rangers
Pro Coach - Joe Maddon & Wally Backman
Food - Steak
Coach that influenced me the most: - Bryan Aylor
Hobbies - Whatever my daughter says

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